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That’s right, this is how it all began…

I’ve been racking my brain to try and really pinpoint when my idea for “slow the hustle” began. I think it was about two years back when I really, really wanted to have a store on Etsy to sell handcrafted party goods. I love making party goods, it’s like a straight up obsession. And at the time I felt like anything that was worth doing was only worth doing for money. So if I enjoyed making party goods, it wasn’t good enough to just make them for my own kids or for friends, in order for it to be legit I had to be getting paid for it. And if you’re someone who is anyone in the makers world then you obviously need to have a blog too.

I spent a lot of time researching all the different aspects of marketing an online store and creative blog and came across a really great, supportive facebook group for girl boss’. In this group people shared victories and failures, they asked for advice, they reached out and hired fellow girl boss’ that offered a service or product they were looking for. But there was always this underlying message that I heard being repeated over and over. The overwhelming message I got out of that group was “can’t stop, won’t stop,” “you gotta hustle to make it,” “do whatever it takes, sleep when you’re dead.” There were ladies left and right talking about working until 2am, ladies talking about working a full-time job and a “side hustle” and they had small kids! Hell, there were days when I could hardly get everyone dressed and fed let alone create an empire in my free time. Free time, free time still searching my brain to conjure up a memory of what that feels like, cannot compute. But with this constant message of do, do, do and go, go, go, I felt like I was some kind of failure, if they could do it why couldn’t I?

Then one day it hit me, enough already! You know what working like that will get you??? Sick, stressed out, adrenal exhaustion, constant cold and flu, constant fatigue, and why don’t you wrap that up with a nice little bow of complete and utter burnout. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to hard work, I am absolutely amazed by the fire lit under these women’s butts to get their own thing going! It’s amazing and motivating, and… just completely exhausting to read about.

That is when the idea of slow the hustle struck me. While there are definite situations that require hustle and sacrifice, there is also something called self-care and relaxation. There is an amazing modern day philosopher named And here we are two years later. The idea of slow the hustle has changed and grown and morphed over the last two years. I began to get really interested in the concept of minimalism (much more on that to come) and the switch from highly processed and addictive food to real food (yep, much more on that to come too). Veganism also peaked my interest – but please don’t run and hide at the site of the word veganism. I am not a dread lock sporting, patchouli oil wearing, no shaving my armpits kind of hippy. I rather consider myself some kind of modern day urban hippy. Veganism is not as scary as it sounds and it makes a lot more sense for your health than most people realize. Most people who are unfamiliar with veganism immediately assume one is a vegan because they don’t want to see the cute wittle fuzzy wuzzy animals hurt. Well that is an extremely valid point, but definitely not my number one (or even two) top reasons for exploring veganism. Notice I used the word “exploring,” I’m using that word because I’m not yet there. It was one of the reasons I decided to start this blog, to document my journy to veganism and allow everyone to follow along (and play along if you’re so inclined!).

I also started this blog to evangelize the glory of minimalism – and there will be much more discussion on what “minimalism” actually means – and the joy of service to others.